Usages of WILL

WILL can be used in  situation like these :

1. Offering to do something :

a. That book looks heavy. I will help you with it.
b. I need some money. Don’t worry I will lend you some.

2. Agreeing or Refusing to do something :

A : You know that book I lent you? Can I have it back.
B : Of course. I ‘ll bring it back this afternoon.

I have asked John to help me, but he won’t.
The car won’t start.

3. Promising to do something :

Thank you for lending me the money. I’ll pay you back on Friday.

I won’t tell Tom what you said. I promise.

I promise I ‘ll call you as soon as I arrive.

4. Asking someone to do something ( will you …. ? )

Will you shut the door, please ?
Will you please be quiet? I’m trying to concentrate.

5. We often use will with these words and expressions

probably => I’ll probably be a little late this evening.
I’m sure => You must meet Ann. I’ sure you will like her.
I bet => I bet John will get the job.
I think => Do think we ‘ll win the match?
I suppose => I suppose we’ll meet John at the party.
I guess => I guess I’ll see you the next week.


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