We use infinitive of purpose is to talk about the purpose of
doing something.

1. I went out to mail a letter.
2. She called me to invite me to a party.
3. We shouted to warn everyone of the danger.
4. This wall is to keep people out of the garden
5. The president has two bodyguards to protect him.
6. I need a bottle opener to open this bottle.

Notes : You can use in order to

1. We shouted in order to warn everyone .
2. I listen in order to understand her explanation.

Do not use FOR in these sentences

I am going to Mexico to learn Spanish. ( not for
learning Spanish. )

Some more examples :

1. It’s difficult to find a place to park in town.
2. Do you have a lot of work to do this evening?
3. Would you like something to eat?
4. There is no chairs to sit on.
5. She is lonely. She has no body to talk to.

Sometimes you have to use SO THAT:
1. When the purpose is negative :
a. I hurried so that I would not be late.
b. Leave early so that you won’t miss the bus.

2. With CAN or COULD
a. He’s learning English so that he can study in Australia.
b. We moved to London so that we could visit our friends more often.

3. When one person does something so that another person does something else.

a. I gave him my address so that he could contact me.
b. He wore glasses and a false beard so that no body would recognize him.


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