Phrase is a group of words which contains one important word.
Kinds of Phrases :
1. Noun Phrase
2. Verb Phrase
3. Adjective Phrase
4. Adverb Phrase

Some examples of Noun Phrase

1. a new car
2. a blue bag
3. a beautiful beach
4. a very interesting book
5. an absolutely easy English test

Some examples of verb phrase

1. John is reading a book.
2. Tommy has visited Bali many times.
3. Lina will help you tomorrow.
4. Rudy may stay in Malang.
5. Gunawan is going to make some cakes.
6. I should do this assignment.

Some examples of adjective phrase

1. very beautiful
2. completely easy
3. difficult enough .
4. absolutely difficult
5. quite good
6. fairly interesting
7. rather naughty

Some examples of Adverb Phrase

1. very beautifully
2. completely slowly
3. well enough
4. absolutely fast
5. quite well



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