Practice On Causative Have and Get


  1. I ordered Tommy to water the orchid in the garden yesterday.
  2. I order Totok to wash my car every Sunday.
  3. Heru has ordered his wife to iron his trousers.
  4. Kartika will order Hasan to fix her faucet at her house.
  5. Gunawan has ordered his brother to post the letter.
  6. You can order someone to design your new house.
  7. Fadilah may order someone to dry the pool in her garden.
  8. Rina didn’t order someone to destroy the building.
  9. Rita has not ordered someone to kill your dog.
  10. Budi will never order someone to steal you bike.
  11. Tina may order her Sister to iron her clothes.
  12. Tony can order someone to sweep the floor of his house.
  13. Gunadi doesn’t order someone to repair his car.
  14. I ordered Fuad to clean my AC every five months.
  15. I will order someone to sell my car tomorrow.
  16. She has ordered someone to feed her cat.
  17. Hartono ordered to cut the grass in his garden.
  18. Herman will order his students to answer the questions on page 45.
  19. Sandra ordered someone to push her car yesterday.
  20. Budiarti will order someone to return the bag to the bag shop.
  21. Gunadi orders someone to manage this school.
  22. Farida ordered someone to replace the fuse of electricity in her house.
  23. Anita ordered someone to install the new AC in her house.
  24. Martiana has ordered her brother to expand her business.
  25. Pudji will order her son to plant trees tomorrow.