1. It’s ……. dark.
A. gets
B. get
C. got
D. getting
E. to get
2. Can the students …….. ?
A. speak English fluently
B. speak fluently of English
C. fluently spoken English
D. fluent spoken English
E. to speak English fluently

3. Children should always …… .
A. wear shoes
B. wearing shoes
C. wearing on shoes
D. to wear shoes
E. to wear on shoes

4. Do you want ……. ?
A. for my assistance
B. my assistance
C. of my assistance
D. with my assistance
E. to my assistance
5. Let’s ….. for a while.
A. watching television
B. watch television
C. watch on television
D. watching on television
E. to watch television

6. Please, …… the television.
A. turn down
B. turned down
C. turning down
D. to turn down
E. turns down

7. I suggest that students …….
A. finish writing their homework
B. finishing to write their homework
C. finish in the writing of their homework
D. finished writing their homework
E. to finish writing their homework

8. She …. that book.
A. doesn’t interest on
B. doesn’t interested in
C. isn’t interested in
D. doesn’t interesting in
E. doesn’t interesting on

9. They decided ……. the game.
A. not to play
B. not to playing
C. not to be played
D. not to be playing
E. not playing

10. Mary and I can go to the movie …..
A. but neither can Bob
B. and so can Bob
C. but Bob can’t
D. and Bob also can’t
E. and Bob can either

11. I will buy a new dress ……
A. if I have had money
B. if I am having money
C. if I will have money
D. if I have money
E. if I have to money

12.You have make yourself ….
A. feel happy
B. feeling happy
C. to feel happy
D. felt happy
E. feel happiness

13. Have you finished …. yet?
A. talk
B. to talk
C. talking
D. talked
E. have talked

14. ……. is of no importance.
A. what he said
B. what did he say
C. what he was said
D. what was he says
E. what is he saying

15. Jim was playing football when I …..
A. must study
B. should be studying
C. was studying
D. must studies
E. should be studied

16. How many people ….the conference?
A. is attending
B. are attended
C. attended
D. did attend
E. to attend

17. If we …. , we won’t get the ticket.
A. driving carefully
B. drive careful
C. drive carefully
D. are driving with careful
E. to drive carefully

18. She was …. when I walked in.
A. ready for leave
B. ready to leaving
C. ready to leave
D. ready for leaving
E. ready leaving

19. The students went on foot, but they ….. by the bus.
A. could gone
B. could have gone
C. could be going
D. could have be going
E. can go

20. Would you mind ….. that paper, please?
A. to hand to me
B. hand me
C. handing me
D. to hand me
E. handed me

21. My instructor …. everyday.
A. urges that I practice
B. urges me to practice
C. urge to me for practice
D. urges me for practicing
E. to urge me practicing

22. Is it necessary …. the book immediately?
A. for him to return
B. that he returns
C. his returning
D. to him return
E. returning

23. Indonesian people are …. tea.
A. used to drink
B. used to drank
C. used to drinking
D. used of drinking
E. used for drinking

24. A trip to the country side should …
A. benefit to you
B. benefiting you
C. benefit you
D. benefit for you
E. to benefit you

25. The mountain climbers went ….. they could get.
A. as high
B. as high to where
C. as high as
D. as high as where
E. higher than

26. I wish you …. the package last week.
A. sent
B. had sent
C. could send
D. could have sent
E. have sent

27. If she asked for my advice, I …..
A. tell her to take the job
B. would tell her to take the job
C. would have told her to take the job
D. told her to take the job
E. will tell her to take the job

28. She seems very mature for a …..
A. twenty – year – old girl
B. girl with twenty year
C. twenty – years – old girl
D. girl of twenty year
E. old – twenty – year girl

29. She asked me ……
A. don’t sit on her bed
B. no sit on her bed
C. not to sit on her bed
D. not sitting on her bed
E. sitting on her bed

30. His left arm was badly …. in the fight and he lost a lot of blood.
A. weakened
B. wounded
C. beaten
D. defeated
E. lost

31. Please, ….. some of this cake and tell me if you like it.
A. taste
B. feel
C. try
D. experiment
E. make

32.Christine Hakim started acting about ten years ago and has …. become the nation’s number one movie star.
A. rapidly
B. importantly
C. regularly
D. softly
E. usually

33. Leave now, …. you will be late.
A. although
B. otherwise
C. since
D. even
E. therefore

34. At first she did not want to come to the party, but after we … her, at last she said that she would come
A. told
B. asked
C. said to
D. persuaded
E. permitted

35. His political view is ….. therefore he does not have many supporters.
A. extreme
B. extraordinary
C. excellent
D. expensive
E. good

36. You had better …. that shirt for a cleaner one.
A. change
B. chain
C. cheek
D. choose
E. wash
37. With salary of Rp 100,000; He can’t …. a car
A. afford
B. admire
C. apply
D. annoy
E. sell
38. The book is …. about the author’s childhood; very little is about his later life.
A. mainly
B. importantly
C. mistakably
D. remarkably
E. usually

39. We woke up late and therefore we ….. had time for having breakfast.
A. almost
B. never
C. certainly
D. scarcely
E. seldom
40. The fire …. rapidly and the whole building was burning down in about two hours.
A. stopped
B. saddened
C. spread
D. slipped
E. spin
41.She must work very hard to …. much a large family.
A. forgive
B. furnish
C. fight
D. feed
E. fulfill
42.An ….. has made him in the hospital for twenty days.
A. opinion
B. idea
C. illness
D. offer
E. happiness
43. The new hotel can accommodate 400 …..
A. guests
B. buyers
C. visitors
D. customers
E. sellers
44. The height of the lamp isn’t …. for reading. You should lower it.
A. correct
B. effective
C. convenient
D. disappointing
E. useful

45. My …. is to visit Bali next year and I hope I will be able to afford it
A. offer
B. goal
C. suggestion
D. admire
E. opinion
46. Air conditioning makes a room
A. loose
B. correct
C. comfortable
D. beautiful
E. hot
47. When you are tired of swimming, just …. for a while.
A. cross
B. float
C. aim
D. dive
E. sleep

48. You should be able to …. between right and wrong.
A. disagree
B. disturb
C. disappoint
D. distinguish
E. correct

49. His explanation is ….; we still don’t understand the matter.
A. deafening
B. confusing
C. annoying
D. disappointing
E. refusing

50. The woman couldn’t get out from the burning hotel.  Fortunately a ….. fireman rescued her.
A. cruel
B. blind
C. confident
D. brave
E. lazy


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