1. My husband and I …… very sad when we heard the news.
A. had
B. was
C. were
D. have been
E. has been
2. There … no way to help him now.
A. am
B. is
C. was
D. are
E. were
3. Can you guess ……. ?
A. how old is she
B. how old she is
C. how old is her
D. how old is it her
E. how old it is her
4. I have ….. smoking.
A. given out
B. given up
C. given away
D. given over
E. given
5. Can you tell me when …..?
A. she will back
B. she will be back
C. will she back
D. will she be back
E. she back
6. I am very …. in biology.
A. interest
B. interesting
C. interested
D. interests
E. to interest
7. He wanted to know why …..
A. we went there
B. did we go there
C. were we gone there
D. we were gone there
E. we do we go there
8. They have been sick ….. three months ago.
A. since
B. during
C. within
D. for
E. when
9. ……. all morning yesterday.
A. It is rained
B. It was rain
C. It was rained
D. It rained
E. It is raining
10. They kept on ….. all day long.
A. study
B. studying
C. to study
D. studied
E. studies
11. The thief moved silently out of the room in order …..
A. not to be heard
B. not to hear
C. not to listened
D. not hearing
E. not heard
12. Let him ….. the oil into the can.
A. pouring
B. to pour
C. of pouring
D. pour
E. pours
13. I want to have my watch …..
A. repair
B. to repair
C. repaired
D. repairing
E. repairs
14. Are you afraid…. the earthquake?
A. on
B. of
C. with
D. for
E. in
15. If I had money, I …. the ring.
A. bought
B. have bought
C. had bought
D. would buy
E. would have bought

16. …….. should be considered.
A. What did he say
B. What he said
C. What was he said
D. What he was said
E. What was he saying

17. Is the house ….. ?
A. for sold
B. for selling
C. to sell
D. for sale
E. sells
18. They all long …. the holidays.
A. at
B. for
C. with
D. about
E. in
19. Your dreams may come ….
A. truth
B. true
C. truly
D. truthfully
E. in true way

20. It is difficult to make a decision without …. all the facts.
A. knowing
B. know
C. knew
D. known
E. to know

21. He is not used …. hard manual work.
A. to
B. of
C. for
D. with
E. in

22. The news …………
A. not interest me
B. not interest for me
C. does not interest me
D. does not interested me
E. does not interesting me

23. He has refused ……..
A. help us
B. helped us
C. helping us
D. to help us
E. for helping us

24. He decided ….. to the meeting.
A. not go
B. not going
C. of not going
D. not to go
E. doesn’t go

25. We must not keep them …..
A. wait
B. waiting
C. for wait
D. for waiting
E. to wait

26.We must go on …….
A. for working
B. of working
C. working
D. in working
E. to work

27. She could not help …..
A. out laughing
B. for laughing
C. of laughing
D. laughing
E. to laugh

28. We saw that our plan would …….
A. fall
B. fallen
C. fallen down
D. fail
E. failure

29. ……. that the meeting is on Friday.
A. Remain him
B. Remain to him
C. Remind him
D. Remind to him
E. Remains him

30. The prisoners were …..
A. set free
B. set freely
C. let free
D. let freely
E. to set freely

31. Please ……. where to get the tickets.
A. inform to him
B. inform him
C. inform on him
D. inform at him
E. informing him

32. It ….. three hours to do the work.
A. took them
B.spent them
C. left them
D. let them
E. ate them
33. It is ….. whether he will be able to come or not.
A. doubt
B. doubtly
C. doubtful
D. doubtfully
E. doubted
34. He still ….. poor.
A. remains
B. reminds
C. remain
D. remind
E. reminding
35.The milk …. sour.
A. feels
B. tastes
C. is fell
D. is taste
E. is feeling
36. He …. in solving the problem.
A. succeeded
B. was success
C. successful
D. successfully
E. was succeeded
37.He soon fell …..
A. sleep
B. to sleep
C. sleepy
D. asleep
E. slept
38. The success of the picnic will depend ….. the weather.
A. for
B. on
C. at
D. to
E. in
39. You will soon become accustomed ….. the climate.
A. for
B. on
C. at
D. to
E. in
40.There was a quarrel about the …… of the stolen goods.
A. division
B. divide
C. dividing
D. divided
E. to divide

41. What is the reason … his absence?
A. of
B. with
C. to
D. for
E. in

42. That hat …. very good on you.
A. are
B. look
C. looks
D. appear
E. seem

43. What’s the matter …. her?
A. of
B. with
C. on
D. to
E. in

44. Are you interested ….. Japanese?
A. of studying
B. with studying
C. on studying
D. to studying
E. in studying

45. I don’t know how ….. this word.
A. to pronounce
B. pronunciation
C. pronouncing
D. pronounce
E. pronounces

46. He sent the letter without …. it first.
A. to sign
B. sign
C. signing
D. signed
E. signs

47.Don’t let the vase ……
A. fall
B. falls
C. falling
D. to fall
E. fell
48. ….. where he put my magazine.
A. Ask to him
B. Ask at him
C. Ask on him
D. Ask him
E. Asking him

49. I would help you if I …. time.
A. would have
B. had
C. have
D. had had
E. have had

50. My bags need …….
A. mend
B. to mend
C. mending
D. of mending
E. for mending


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