1. I … fried rice last night.
A. didn’t eat
B. didn’t ate
C. didn’t eating
D. wasn’t ate
E. wasn’t eaten
2. My sister can … well but I can’t.
A. cook
B. cooking
C. to cook
D. cooks
E. cooked
3. My daughter can …. neatly but my son can’t.
A. write
B. wrote
C. writes
D. to write
E. writing
4. I must … my assignment well today.
A. do
B. did
C. done
D. doing
E. to do
5. You may not … this wire. It is dangerous.
A. touching
B. to touch
C. touches
D. touched
E. touch
6. You should … your teacher’s explanation.
A. listen
B. listening
C. to listen
D. listened
7. My brother will … his study abroad next month.
A. continue
B. continues
C. to continue
D. continued
E. be continued
8. My aunt may … my house next Friday.
A. visit
B. to visit
C. visiting
D. visited
E. be visited
9. You should not … late tomorrow.
A. came
B. to come
C. comes
D. being
E. be
10. You may not … a car on this street fast.
A. driving
B. to drive
C. drives
D. drive
E. driven
11. You must … patient if you study English.
A. being
B. to being
C. been
D. to be
E. be
12. We shall … you at the airport at 9 A.M.
A. meet
B. met
C. meeting
D. to meet
E. meets
13. The police will … you if you drive fast.
A. stop
B. to stop
C. stopped
D. stopping
E. to be stopped
14. The car will … by mechanic tomorrow.
A. repaired
B. repairing
C. be repaired
D. to repair
E. repairs
15. The test must … in 30 minutes.
A. be done
B. to do
C. done
D. do
E. did
16. Students should … well.
A. be taught
B. taught
C. teaching
D. to teach
E. teaches
17. My house will … by my neighbor tomorrow.
A. be painting
B. be painted
C. to paint
D. painting
E. paint
18. I will … you tomorrow.
A. telephone
B. to telephone
C. telephoned
D. telephoning
E. be telephoned
19. You may not … at my house more than 3 days.
A. staying
B. to stay
C. stayed
D. stay
E. stays
20. The farmer will … rice in the rice field next week.
A. planting
B. to plan
C. plant
D. planted
E. plants
21. I must … my clothes now.
A. iron
B. ironing
C. ironed
D. to iron
E. be ironed
22. You may … to my house tomorrow.
A. comes
B. come
C. to come
D. coming
E. came
23. Students may… only two mistakes.
A. make
B. made
C. to make
D. making
E. makes
24. The lesson isn’t easy …
A. learnt
B. to learn
C. learning
D. learns
E. learn
25. The test is very difficult …
A. to do
B. do
C. doing
D. done
E. did
26. We must … newspaper to add our knowledge.
A. make
B. to make
C. making
D. made
E. makes
27. The sniper can … accurately.
A. shoot
B. shut
C. shot
D. to shoot
E. shooting
28. Many Children … in the beach yesterday.
A. playing sand
B. played sand
C. to play sand
D. plays sand
E. play sand
29. My sister … her house every morning.
A. clean
B. cleaning
C. to clean
D. cleans
E. cleaned
30. You can … these exercises at home.
A. do
B. did
C. done
D. doing
E. does
31. My friend … to Bali last Tuesday.
A. went
B. go
C. gone
D. going
E. goes
32. Ryan … his car carefully last Wednesday.
A. drive
B. drove
C. driven
D. to drive
E. driving
33. Some taxi drivers can … their car well.
A. drove
B. drive
C. drives
D. driving
E. to drive
34. Traffic policemen … busy in the rush hours.
A. are
B. is
C. was
D. be
E. being
35. A postman … my letters last Thursday.
A. bring
B. brought
C. to bring
D. was brought
E. bringing
36. Many people … cigarettes nowadays.
A. smoke
B. smokes
C. smoking
D. to smoke
E. smoked
37. That bus usually … outside my house.
A. stop
B. stopped
C. to stop
D. stops
E. stopping
38. I … at SMA 1 Gresik some years ago.
A. worked
B. working
C. to work
D. work
E. works
39. My uncle comes to Bali … Sundays.
A in
B. at
C. on
D. about
E. into
40. Somebody … my bike at my house yesterday.
A. steal
B. steals
C. stolen
D. stole
E. to steal
41. My friend … a new house in Solo last month.
A. builds
B. building
C. to build
D. build
E. built
42. A lion … from the zoo last week.
A. escaped
B. to escape
C. escaping
D. escapes
E. escape
43. Ryan … English fast so I can’t understand him.
A. spoke
B. speaking
C. speaks
D. speak
E. to speak
44. My son … all the food on the table last Friday.
A. eating
B. ate
C. eaten
D. to eat
E. eats
45. I … to call you yesterday.
A.  forgets
B. to forget
C. forgotten
D. forget
E. forgot
46. My mother … me much money last Saturday.
A. gave
B. to give
C. gives
D. give
E. given
47. I … this shirt all by myself last Monday.
A. makes
B. to makes
C. making
D. make
E. made
48. I … 100 dollars a year to rent this house.
A. pay
B. paid
C. to pay
D. paying
E. pays
49. My parents will … me about it.
A. telling
B. to tell
C. tells
D. tell
E. told
50. I … a letter to my brother in Jakarta two days ago.
A. didn’t sent
B. didn’t send
C. wasn’t sent
D. weren’t sent
E. didn’t sending


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