1. My hair is too long so I should … it now.
A. cutting
B. to cut
C. cut
D. cuts
E. have cut
2. My knife is not sharp so I have to … it
A. sharpen
B. to sharpen
C. sharpens
D. sharp
E. sharpened
3. Everybody should …here tomorrow at 7 a.m.
A. being
B. be
C. to be
D. comes
E. came
4. My son may … his study next year.
A. finishing
B. to finish
C. finished
D. finishes
E. finish
5. You should … me now.
A. help
B. helping
C. to help
D. helped
E. helps
6. You should … your English vocabulary.
A. add
B. adding
C. to add
D. adds
E. to be add
7. You can … me now if you want.
A. left
B. leave
C. leaves
D. leaving
E. to leave
8. Mother must … tired because of hard work.
A. be
B. being
C. to be
D. been
E. becomes
9. I should … this class at 8 a.m. because of meeting.
A. leaves
B. leaving
C. to leave
D. left
E. leave
10. You must … your assignment today.
A. submit
B. submitting
C. to submit
D. submits
E. submitted
11. Helen isn’t in the class today she may … sick.
A. be
B. being
C. to be
D. been
E. becomes
12. She will … a teacher in our school tomorrow.
A. becomes
B. to become
C. to be
D. been
E. become
13. Alex … the English lesson yesterday.
A. didn’t attend
B. wasn’t attend
C. isn’t attend
D. hasn’t attended
E. mayn’t attend
14. My car … repaired in the workshop over there.
A. was
B. were
C. did
D. do
E. does
15. The new plane … by an experience pilot last week.
A. has been flown
B. flew
C. fly
D. was flown
E. Flying

16. Last Monday I didn’t give in my English test paper, so my teacher… angry to me.

A. was
B. were
C. be
D. been
E. to be
17. My mother said,” I didn’t cook for you.”
       My mother said that … .

A. She hadn’t cooked for me.
B. She hasn’t cooked for me.
C. She haven’t cooked for me
D. She wasn’t cooked for me
E. She weren’t cooked for me

18. The headmaster said,” Good students will get scholarship.”
       The headmaster said that … .

A. Good students get scholarship.
B. Good students got scholarship.
C. Good students getting scholarship.
D. Good students will get scholarship.
E. Good students would get scholarship.

19. Shanty asked me, “ Have you done your homework?”
       Shanty asked me whether … .

A. I did my homework
B. I do my homework
C. I have done my homework
D. I had done my homework
E. I was done my homework

20. Mrs. Betty told Tony,” Don’t touch my book!”
        Mrs. Betty told Tony … .

A. Don’t touch my book
B. Not to touch my book
C. Not to touch her book
D. Didn’t to touch her book
E. Doesn’t to touch her book

21. The lesson … 10 minutes later.
A. will be continued
B. will be continuing
C. will be continue
D. will continue
E. will to continue

22. The students … yesterday because the teacher was sick.

A. wasn’t taught
B. weren’t taught
C. haven’t been taught
D. hasn’t been taught
E. taught

23.Mathematics … one of the subjects which is taught at my school.

A. is
B. am
C. are
D. been
E. to be

24. My mother asked me,” Can you repair this radio?
       My mother asked me ….

A. If I can repair that radio.
B. If I could repair that radio.
C. If she could repair this radio.
D. If could I repair that radio.
E. If could she repair that radio.

25. Hadi told me,” Open the door behind you!
         Hadi told me … .

A. Open the door behind you.
B. Open the door behind me
C. To open the door behind me.
D. Opening the door behind me.
E. Opens the door behind me.

26. No body … you if you are a liar.

A. loves
B. love
C. loving
D. to love
E. be loved

27. Alex said :,”I went to Bali last year.
        Alex said that … .

A. He went to Bali last year.
B. He have gone to Bali last year.
C. He had gone to Bali a year before.
D. He goes to Bali last year.
E. He has gone to Bali a year before.

28. My brother …in the forest with his friends last Monday.
A. went hunting
B. goes hunting
C. go hunting
D. has gone hunting
E. goes to hunt

29. My friend … from the diving board yesterday.
A. jumped
B. jumping
C. jumps
D. jump
E. to jump

30. The floor of my house … three times but it still looks dirty.
A. have been swept
B. has been swept
C. was swept
D. were swept
E. sweeps

31. Swimming in the river … dangerous.
A. are
B. is
C. to be
D. be
E. being

32. To answer that question … easy.
A. isn’t
B. aren’t
C. not being
D. not to be
E. doesn’t
33. To play golf … a lot of money.
A. costs
B. costing
C. cost
D. to cost
E. coast

34. To be a doctor … a lot of money nowadays.
A. need
B. needs
C. needed
D. is needed
E. to need

35. Being a qualified teacher … easy.
A. is not
B. are not
C. not be
D. does not
E. do not

36. My computer program … advantageous for all of us.
A. is
B. are
C. become
D. to become
E. to be

37. The class … 45 students last week.
A. consists of
B. consisted of
C. consisting of
D. to consist of
E. consist of

38. Traffic jam always … in big cities in my country.
A. happens
B. happening
C. to happen
D. happen
E. happened

39. The room … dark so I can’t read this newspaper well.
A. is
B. to be
C. are
D. be
E. being

40. There …many wild animals in the forest many years ago.
A. are
B. is
C. was
D. were
E. been

41. Helen said,”I taught English last year.
       Helen said that … .
A. She had taught English a year before.
B. I taught English a year before.
C. I taught English the following year.
D. She taught English the following year.
E. I had taught English the following year.

42. There … many passengers in that bus two days ago.
A. are
B. is
C. were
D. was
E. been
43. Our school will … by the minister of Education tomorrow.
A. visit
B. to visit
C. be visited
D. visiting
E. to be visited
44. My mother … in Bandung three days ago.
A. was
B. were
C. are
D. be
E. is
45. Everything … ready since yesterday.
A. is
B. has been
C. have been
D. was
E. were
46. I … by my brother three times.
A. have been telephoned
B. has been telephoned
C. telephoned
D. have telephoned
E. has telephoned

47. It … cloudy now so I have to bring my umbrella.
A. was
B. is
C. to be
D. will be
E. were
48. The train could … on time yesterday.
A. come
B. comes
C. came
D. to come
E. coming
49. That horse … to my uncle.
A. belonging
B. belong
C. belongs
D. to belong
E. to be belong
50. The gardener is going to … the grass behind my house.
A. cutting
B. to cut
C. cut
D. to be cut
E. cuts


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