Practice on Preference

Change these sentences into other forms of preference.

  1. I prefer teaching English to teaching mathematics.
  2. The students like reading novels better than
  3. Some people would rather go to their office by car than motorcycle.
  4. Many people would prefer to visit museum rather than the zoo.
  5. Some students like living in village better than
  6. People prefer going to Jakarta by plane to
  7. Students prefer learning physics to
  8. Children like chocolate better than
  9. People like working in office better than in rice field.
  10. Some birds prefer black sticky rice to
  11. Some teachers like teaching in the class better than in laboratory.
  12. I like planting mango trees better than apple ones.
  13. I prefer swimming to
  14. She prefers sweeping the floor to washing clothes.
  15. Shinta would prefer to help her mother rather than to visit the zoo.
  16. My friends would rather participate in English debate competition than mathematics one.
  17. Rony prefers playing the piano to the guitar.
  18. Hasan likes breeding birds better than chicken.
  19. Asih would rather develop her English than her mathematics.
  20. Diana likes buying a new car better than an old car.
  21. Heru prefers having lunch at restaurant to having lunch at home.
  22. Kartika likes being entertained better than entertaining others
  23. Gunadi would rather teach in a village than in a big city.
  24. Sindy would prefer to type her paper alone rather than to have her paper typed.
  25. Tina likes being alone at home better than attending the meeting.