The following text is for questions 16 and 17.

Hess -(Indonesia—Pangkah) Limited, a production sharing contractor of BP MIGAS, invites Goods and Service Providers to participate for the following retender:
Title : Provision of rental drilling tool & equipment for Pangkah 2012-2014 development drilling programme
Participant category’ : Big scale company
Group : Project
Activities section : General services
Sub section : Rental : drilling tools
Local content : > 30% (20% tkdn + max 10% fund from BUMN bank)

Requirements for participants:
Should you with to participate, you may collect the pre-qualifiCation documents according to the schedule given below:
Date : 28th September-2nd October 2013 Time : 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Place : Hess (Indonesia—Pangkah) Limited
The,Energy 11th floor, SCBD lot II a
JI. Jendral Sudirman Kay 52-53 Jakarta 12190

Jakarta, 28th September 2013
Hess (Indonesia—Pangkah) Limited Bid committee

16. What must be done by the participants?
A. Write a good proposal.
B. Develop drilling tools.
C. Invite the service company.
D. Provide drilling production.
E. Collect the pre-qualification documents.

17. What must the participants provide if they win the tender?
A. Rent drilling equipment
B. Equip the drilling programs.
C. Collect the drilling documents.
D. Collect the document schedule.
E. Share contract with BP MICAS..;
In welcoming New Year 2014, Humaniora Bookstore offers big discounts of up to 50%. New books are also sold at very cheap prices, from Rp8,000 to Rp20,000′.’
Additionally, customers will receive-a-coupon which will be drawn every day’ if they spend Rp100,000 in purchases. The lucky one will receive a shopping voucher to Rp200,000.
Big Sale & Big Discounts program will last from 28th to 31st December 2013.
On 31st December 2013, we will be open until 10 p.m.
Wait no more!
Please visit Hurnaniora Bookstore
at JI. Humaniora No. 101Jakarta.
Get the books of your choice!

18. What is the text about?
A. The new Humaniora Bookstore.
B. Buying books on New Year 2014.
C. Winning a shopping voucher of up to – Rp200,000.
D. An interesting midnight book sate programme.
E. A big sale and big discount for books.

19. How long will the programme last?
A. For two days.                        D. For six days.
B. For three days.                    E. For seven days.
C. For four days.
Vegetarians, about 3.2% of the US population, do not eat meat. The US Department of Agriculture does not only include meat as part of a balanced diet, but it also states that a vegetarian diet can meet “the recommended dietary allowances for nutrients”.
Many proponents of vegetarianism say that eating meat harms health, wastes resources, causes deforestation and creates pollution. They often argue that killing animals for food is cruel and unethical since non-animal food sources are plentiful.
Humans evolved to be primarily vegetarians. Humans do not have the large -mouth or long, pointed teeth of carnivores. Human teeth are short and flat for chewing fibrous food. The liver of a carnivore can detoxify the excess vitamin A absorbed from a meat-based diet. The human liver cannot exceed vitamin A.
It is unnecessary to take an animal’s life when vegetarian options are available. In the US about 35 million cows, 115 million pigs and 9 billion birds are killed for food each year. These animals should not have to die to satisfy an unnecessary dietary preference.
On the other hand, many opponents of a vegetarian diet say that moderate meat consumption is healthy, humane and that producing vegetables causes many of the same environmental problems as producing meat.
Eating ,meat is not cruel or unethical. Every organism on earth dies, at some point, so others can live. There is nothing wrong with this cycle; it is how nature. works. Humans have been eating meat in their ancestral diet provided a dense form of nutrients and protein that, when combined with high-calorie low-nutrient carbohydrates such as roots, allowed us to develop our large brains and intelligence.
Meat is the most convenient protein sources since it provides all 10 essential proteins (amino acids), as well as essential nutrients such as iron, zinc and the B vitamins, in one serving. Most individual plant foods do not provide adequate levels of all 100 essential proteins in a single serving.
In my opinion, meat eaters don’t need to feel guilty. Everything we consume, including vegetables or meat, has environmental, ethical and health consequences.
20. The proponents of vegetarianism believe that ….
A. moderate meat consumption is healthful
B. killing animals for food is cruel and unethical
C. animals can only be killed in an appropriate way
D. the liver of a carnivore cannot exceed vitamin A
E. humans do not need meat to develop their brains
21. The sixth paragraph is an argument….
A. against animal killing for food
B. for our ancestor’s diet
C. for meat consumption
D. for the vegetarianism
E. against the vegetarianism

22. All in all, the writer seems to disagree with the arguments stated by ….
A. the US Department of Agriculture
B. proponents of vegetarianism
C. opponents of vegetarianism
D. animal lovers
E. meat eaters

In the seqUel of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ this time, Professor James Moriarty (Jared Harris) is the most , dangerous enemy. Moriarty is not the kind of person who is hesitant to end the lives of many people in order to achieve his goals. Explosions in Strassbourg are one of the results of Prof. Moriarty’s creation.
Holmes was nosy when his friend, Dr. Watson (Jude Law) was getting married, because the marriage would automatically make Holmes lose his partner in investigating the case.
A gypsy woman, Madam Sinza Heron (Naomi Rapace), helped Holmes to venture this time. There was also the Holines’ brother, Mycroft -Holmes (Stephen Fry) who came to be’ an accomplice of the detective this time
Arguably, the visual effect of ‘A Game of Shadow’ is more stable than its ISredecessor. A few slow-movement scenes later find in the cease-fire. Colours displayed also feel right.
Farces as those made by Holmes and several other characters in the film guaranteed to invite laughter. The chemistry between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law is not be doubted anymore. Since their first film, the two men were able to captivate the audience and not be missed.
A chess competition between Holmes and Prof. Moriarty became the ultimate point. They both described the mind wanders respectively. Were you intrigued with the acting of the detective? The film `Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow’ can be an alternative entertainment at this weekend.
23. The chemistry, between Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law isn’t doubted because ….
A. the two men have captivated the audience in the first film
B. the chemistry is formed through their friendship in real life
C. farces made by the two men are guaranteed to invite laughter
D. the two men are partners in investigating several cases
E. the two men described the mind wanders
24. What did the movie director do to invite laughter in his film?
A. He hired clowns.
B. He showed cartoons.
C. He acted like comedians.
D. He made jokes within the scene.
E. He forced the actors to be funny.
25. What can we conclude of ‘A Game of Shadow’?
A. The chess competition showed mind wanders.
B. The visual effect of the movie is testable.
C. The movie is terribly out of standard.
D. The actors did not perform well,
E. The movie is worth watching.

The Horned Melon
The horned melon, also called African horned, cucumber, is an annual vine in the cucumber and melon family. It is considered to be the ancestor of the other cultivated melons. Often known by its nickname in southeastern United States, blowfish fruit, it is grown for its fruit, which look like oval melons with horns like spines.
The fruit of this plant is edible, but it is just as often used as a decoration for food. When ripe, it has a yellow-orange skin and a lime green, jelly-like,flesh with a tart taste and texture similar to a cucumber.
In Zimbabwe, this cucumber is called gaka and it is primarily used as a fruit-snack, salad and rarely for decoration. It is eaten young, mature green, or when ripe bright yellow/grange. It grows naturally in the fields and also in the bush. However, several people leave them to rot in the fields for the next summer’s seeds/ plants.
As a traditional food plant in Africa, this fruit is eaten potentially to improve nutrition, boost food security, foster rural development and support sustainable land care. Along with the Gemsbok cucumber, it is the only source of water during the dry season in the Kalahari Desert. Despite the fruit’s colourful appearance, it has not been found any significance in Western cuisine and been called “astringent” and the price is “exorbitant”.
26. The important thing of this fruit besides as plain fruit in Africa is that ….
A. it can grow anywhere
B. it has plain taste
C. it increases health
D. it cannot be eaten raw
E. it has unique colours
27. How do people in. Zimbabwe get the next summer’s seeds of the horned melon?
A. They grow the fruit in the bush.
B. They use the fruit for decoration.
C. They eat the fruit and leave the seeds.
D. They improve the nutrition for the fruit.
E. They leave several fruit to rot in the field.
28. From the last paragraph we can conclude that Western people … the horned melon.
A. Plant D. do not eat
B. Consume E. dike eating
C. preserve

This is the new freeway from Semarang to Bawen and vice versa. The road is very (29) . . . and smooth. Parts are made of asphalt and some other parts are made of concrete.The road is to (30) …the congestion that occurs between Semarang and Bawen and vice versa, especially during the rush hours.
The road which passes up and down the hills has been equipped with traffic signs. Thus, road users will feel (31) …. when driving along this highway. ln addition, they can enjoy the beautitul scenery along this road.
29. A. wide D. rough
B. deep E. tough
C. white
30. A. chase D. prove
B. save E. sort
C. solve
31. A. Anxious D. safe
B. average E. humble
C. afraid
32. Arrange the following sentences to form a meaningful paragraph.
(1) Curiously, we approached it.
(2) I immediately took it home.
(3) Apparently, it was an injured kutilang.
(4) One afternoon, my friends and I were walking along the edge of a forest not far from our houses.
(5) My parents permitted me to heal the bird’s wound and asked me to release it when it recovered.
(6) Its left wing was injured so it couldn’t fly.
(7) Suddenly, I saw something moving beneath an oak tree.
(8) We thought someone had shot it.
(9) It flew away happily.
(10) Not long after, it started to flap its wings and I released it.
A. 4-7-3-8-2-6-9-5-1-10
B. 4-7-1-3-6-9-2-10-5-8
C. 4-7-1-3-6-8-2-5-10-9
D. 5-1-4-2-7-10-9-3 8 6
E. 7 4 6 2-5-3-1-8-10-9

Wastes Pollution
People who live in towns and many factories often empty their wastes to rivers and lakes through water channels. Sometimes the wastes contain harmful chemicals that pollute the water. Of course, this will kill organisms which live in those rivers and lakes.
Ocean-going tankers sometimes empty the contents of their tanks at sea. When this happens, great patches of oil called oil slicks are left floating on the sea’s surface. If fish swallow the oil, or if their gills become clogged up, they die. Birds land on the sea and the oil clogs up their feathers so that they cannot fly. Unless the oil is cleaned off, the birds will die.
Electricity for your home is generated in buildings called power plants. Power plants usually use coal, oil or gas to make electricity. However, a few plants use nuclear energy.
To make nuclear energy, uranium is needed. Uranium is radioactive, which means it gives off rays which are very dangerous to any living thing. People working in nuclear power plants wear special clothing and masks to protect themselves.
After uranium has been used, there is dangerous i.e. radioactive waste, left. Scientists haven’t yet discovered how to make, the waste completely safe. So it is sealed in huge concrete containers and buried at sea, or deep underground. These containers usually begin to leak after 10-20 years and release radioactive waste in the ocean. This waste finds its way into human metabolism through the food chain.
In short, our environment has been contaminated by chemicals and we have significant roles beyond pollution.
Adopted from:, Achrnad Doddy, Ahrnad Sugeng, ,Effendi, Developing English Competencies for. Senior High School (SMA/MA) Grade XI of Language Programme, Jakarta, Pusat Perbukuan Depdiknas, 2008.
33. Wastes may kill organisms Hying in rivers and lakes because ….
A. they may’ cause flooding to the surrounding areas
B. wastes and organisms will clog the, water channels
C. they may contain harmful chemicals that pollute the water
D. they may contain useful chemical for those organisms
E. people use the water to supply their water needs “,
34. “Uranium is radioactive, which means it gives off rays which are very dangerous to any living thing!’ (Paragraph 4) The underlined word refers to ….
A. nuclear power D. electricity
B. radioactive E. power plant
C. uranium
35. From the text we can conclude that ….
A. we have important roles in a polluted environment
B. fish and birds are not affected by water pollution
C. none of factories dump their wastes to the rivers
D. uranium waste is safe as a source of electric power
E. we always concern with wastes pollution

NEW YORK: Half of all heart patients made at least one medication-related mistake after leaving the hospital and guidance from a pharmacist didn’t seem to reduce those errors, in a new study.
Consequences of mistakes-such as forgetting to take certain drugs or taking the wrong dosage-can range from side effects like constipation to more serious drops in blood pressure. Two percents of errors were life-threatening.
Not all of the problems, however, were the fault of the patients. Some may have’resulted from medication side effects or other factors beyond the patients’ control.
“Hospitals involved in the study were already taking steps to prevent medication mistakes in addition to the extra pharmacist intervention,” said Dr. Sunil Kripalani, the study’s lead author from the Vanderbilt University Medical Centre in Nashville, Tennessee.
“We were surprised to see that in spite of these efforts, that 50 percent (of patients) were still having these medication errors,” he told Reuters health.
Although the pharmacist visits didn’t help the average patient, he added, certain ones seemed to benefit-such as patients who were on multiple drugs or had trouble understanding health information.
“As for traditionally lower-risk patients,” he said, “other strategies to prevent errors may be needed.” ¬Reuters
36. What is the text about?
A. The patient’s medication errors.
B. The hospital’s medical treatment.
C. The doctor’s medical treatment.
D. The uncontrolled medical treatment.
E. The pharmacist’s medication mistakes.
37. What is the effect of medication errors?
A. Bleeding on heart.
B. Health information.
C. Problem in hearing.
D. Life-long time.
E. Life-threatening.
38. “… and guidance from a pharmacist didn’t seem to reduce those errors, ….” (Paragraph 1) The underlined word is closest in meaning to….
A. improve D. degrade
B. upgrade E. increase
C. decrease

Rafael Nadal Pulls out of London Olympics
Associated Press I Thu, 07/19/2012 10:00 PM I Sports
Rafael Nadal has pulled out of the London Olympics, saying he is not in top condition to compete.
Nadal said in a statement Thursday, it is one of the saddest moments of his career and that he will not travel with the Spanish delegation to London. He was set to be the flag bearer for Spain during the opening ceremony.
Nadal won gold in Beijing in 2008. He has not played since he was eliminated in the second round of Wimbledon by 100th-ranked Lukas Rosol.
39. Rafael Nadal, has pulled out of London Olympics because he …
A. is not fit enough to compete
B. will not be with the Spanish delegation
C. has just been from the Beijing Olympics
D. did not want to be the flag bearer for Spain
E. was eliminated in the 2nd round of Wimbledon
40. In Wimbledon, Rafael Nadal ….
A. was to be the flag bearer for Spain
B. was injured during the Wimbledon match
C. beat the world’s 100th ranked Lukas Rosol
D. defeated the world’s 100th ranked Lukas Rosol
E. was eliminated by the world’s 100th ranked Lukas Rosol
41. Paragraph 1 tells us that Rafael Nadal decides to ….
A. leave London soon
B. leave the Olympics
C. compete in the Olympics
D. play in the London Olympics
E. cancel his participation in the Olyrhpics
A Memoir of W.S. Rendre
Willibrordus,Surendra Broto Rendra, known as W.S. Rendre was born in Solo on 7th November 1935. He was a poet, writer, dramatist, cultural activist and theatre director: He was one of the most talented artists and often called “the peacock” by the press.
Rendra studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, the same school as Marlon Brando, the greatest movie actor of all time. After he graduated, he returned to Indonesia in 1968, and he founded Bengkel Teater (Theatre Workshop) in Yogyakarta. The group quickly astonished audience with works that were artistically experimental. Rendra rose to fame as a poet in the 1950s. He is also credited as the man who brought modern Indonesian theatre to its maturity through his experimental works with Bengkel Teater. Rendra brought traditional expressions into modern context.
In 1969, he created a series of dramas without any dialogues where actors employed their bodies and simple sounds such as bip bop, zzzz and rambate rata-rata. The journalist poet Gunawan Mohammad dubbed these experimental performances as a “mini-word theatre”.
Rendra died at the age of 73, but he remained the most influential, poet in the country.
42. How did Bengkel Teater amaze their fans?
A. They created up-to-date art works.
B. They introduced a new drama workshop.
C. They changed a traditidmal theatre into a modern one.
D. They performed artistically experimental works.
E. They performed modern expressions to the audience.
43. Why did Gunawan Mohammad call Rendra’s series of drama as a “mini-word theatre”? Because . .
A. they did not use verbal and body language
B. they used only simple sounds
C. they did not use dialogues
D. the actors only used their bodies
E. the actors just kept silent during the show
44. What does the writer suggest Rendra was?
A. A multi-talented artist.
B. An astonishing drama writer.
C. The exemplary artist of Indonesia.
D. The greatest movie actor of all time.
E. The peacock of the Indonesian drama.

The following text is for questions 45 and 46.
The OSIS tends to hold the following agenda starting.this month.
Name of programme : English Night shows
Objectives : Developing the students’ speaking ability
Participants : All students
Activities : Drama performance, storytelling, reciting poems,
folksongs and comedy
Date/Time : 19th April 2014;:7 p.m. 10 p.m.
Please enrol yourselves or your groups to the OSIS committee not later than 10th April 2014.

OSIS Chairperson
45. Which statement is TRUE about the text?
A. Only the tenth graders may join the programme.
B. The students must enrol not later than 19th April 2014.
C. The programme is to fulfil the English speaking assignment.
D. The English Night shows will last for three hours.
E. Most of students will join the folksongs.
46. “Please enrol yourselves or your groups to the OSIS members ….”
What does the underlined word refer to?
A. The students.
B. The OSIS committee.
C. The OSIS chairperson.
D. The principal.
E. The teachers.

Tornados occur when the conditions that cause thunderstorms are unusually violent. Winds blowing in opposite directions around a strong updraft start a narrow, violent whirl: Centrifugal force effectively throws the air away from the centre, leaving a core of very-low pressure. This is much like stirring water in a cup, thus forming a vortex-like dip in the surface.
This low-pressure core acts as a partial vacuum, sometimes helping to lift the roofs off houses. Most of the damage, though, results from the force of the wind itself. Around the edges of the whirl, wind speeds may reach 300 miles (480 kilometres) per hour. At first, the tornado’s funnel is whitish-grey because it is composed of minute water droplets formed as the air in the funnel expands and cools. After touching down, the funnel becomes dark because of all of the debris it has picked up.This debris can include soil; tree limbs, and parts of buildings; tornados have been known to pick up automobiles, horses and whole trees.
A tornado usually moves toward the east (or often northeast in the Northern HemisPhere and Southeast Hemisphere) at 25 to 40 miles (40 to 65 kilometres) per hour. Fortunately, most tornados are less than half a mile (800 metres) wide; the edge of one may destroy all of the houses on one side of a street while leaving- those on the other side completely undamaged.
Deaths from tornados ,in the United States averaged roughly 100 per year over the last century. However, they have dropped somewhat in recent decades as better forecasting and warning systems have been implemented.
47. Why have deaths from tornados in the United States decreased in the recent decades?
A. Most tornados are less than half a mile wide.
B. There are no more tornados in the United States.
C. There are better forecasting and warning systems.
D. The tornado left the United States completely undamaged.
E. The people are evacuated by the United States government.
48. Why is the tornado’s funnel dark as soon as it touches the ground?
A. It contains water droplets.
B. The temperature is changed.
C. It contains building materials.
D. It whirls in high speed.
E. It has picked up debris.
49. What are the impacts of tornados?
A. Water dropping.
B. Heavy disasters.
C. Whirl of winds.
D. Wind blowing.
E. Grey and dark sky.
50. “. . . while leaving those on the other side completely undamaged!’ (Paragraph3)
The underlined word has similar meaning to ….
A. Damaged
B. Vanished
C. Wounded
D. Safe
E. Gone

Kunci Jawaban

16.E 17.A 18.E 19.C 20.B

21.E 22.B 23.A 24.D 25.E 26.C 27.E 28.D 29.A 30.C

31.D 32.C 33.C 34.C 35.A 36.A 37.E 38.C 39.A 40.E

41.E 42.D 43.C 44.A 45.D 46.A 47.C 48.E 49.B 50.D


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