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What is an exposition?

An exposition is a piece of text that presents one side of an issue. The purpose of the exposition is to persuade the reader or listener by presenting one side of an argument, that is , the case or the case against.

Exposition texts can be in the form of :

1. advertisements

2. spoken arguments

3. editorials

Features of an exposition


An exposition text usually has three sections. The first section introduces the author’s point of view and can preview arguments that may follow in the text. Next comes a series of arguments that aim to convince the audience. The final section is a conclusion that sum up the arguments and reinforces the author’s point of view.


1. An introductory statement

1.1.The author’s point of view is called the thesis of the argument and this is given in the introduction.

1.2. The introduction can include a previews of the arguments that will follow in the next section of the text.

1.3. A question or emotional statement can be used to capture the audience’’ attention.

2. A series of arguments to convince the audienve

2.1. A new paragraph is used for each new argument.

2.2. Each new paragraph begins with a topic sentensce that introduces the argument.

2.3.Details supporting the argument follow the topic sentence.

2. 4ÞEmotive words are used to persuade the audience to believe the author.

3. A conclusion summing up the arguments

4. The author restates his or her thesis ( point of view)

5. A summary of what has been stated in the section above may  be included here.


Why They Turn to the Sea

As the job opportunity is increasing limited on the land, more and more young man  are turning to the sea for a living. Some of them choose to work on a ship only after they have failed to get  a job. However, many young men actually would rather work on the sea than on land. In my opinion, there are several reasons that account for increasing interest in persuing maritime professions.

Firstly,our country is made up of many lands. We are surrounded by water. It is not surprising that many people have growm to love the sea. In order to be able to spend more time near the sea, they decide to work on it.  Many of them spend their whole lives on the water.

Secondly, the many school dropouts in the country as well as those young men who have just finished their education in school are looking for jobs  at the same time. Competition for jobs is therefore great. Many fail to get work in offce or factories, so these people turn to the sea as a last resort.

Thirdly, some young men face problem at home. They want to get as far away from these problems as possible. The sea becomes a popular means of escape.

Finally, young people are naturally advantageous. They love to explore new places. They enjoy the excitement that comes with this. By working on a ship, they are able to travel far and wide. Besides, food and lodging on board the ship are free. Thus , many young men are attracted to maritime profession.


Television is the most popular form of entertainment in any household. But I think Television tends to have a tremendous influence on its viewers.

Firstly, based on the recent research, people of all ages use this medium to entertain themselves for an average of five hours a day.  Of course, constant exposure of TV will influence the viewers’ thinking and attitude. This can be seen from the fact that many criminals are inspired from the scene on TV.

Secondly, people can be  affected by constant watching television. This is due to the fact that they less in physical activities, spend less time reading and working and see a work of violence that can affect their own feelings of security.

Finally, comercial advertisement on TV can be a brain washing. Psychologically, constant show of advertisement will shape one’s image about one product. No wonder people are easier to remember the motto or slogan of one advertisement than to retrieve information that they have learned.

In short, TV will be a kind of monster can conquer one’s mind and attitude.


Cigarette smokers are said to have chance of getting various fatal diseases. But I think that other people’s tobacco smoke seems to increase the chances of non-smokers getting a wide range of cancers.

First , although passive smokers inhale less tobacco smoke, the researchers point out that the smoke they breathe in is richer in many toxic chemicals. There is an example, three times as much as benzo-apyrene, six times as much loluene and more than 50 times as much dimenthyl nitrosamine. Of course  these substances  will harm our body in the long run.

Second , the recent research reported that the risk of getting cancers not normally associated with smoking also rose among passive smokers. The risk of  leukaemia rose 6 – 8 times and the risk of cervical cancer increased 3 – 4 times.

Third , past studies have found that by product of cigarette smoke such as coinine and thiocynate, turn up in the blood, urine and saliva of non –smoking adults, children and fetuses that have been exposed to smokers.  These substances are the main  causes of various cancers.

In short , the effects of exposure to the cigarette smoking of others are greater than has been previously suspected. That is why passive smokers  have more chances of contracting cancer than people with no such expose.