One day, there was a kingdom in the ocean. The king has seven daughter. The youngest daughter was very beautiful. She was seventeen at that time. Her sister told her about what happened up there. Because she was seventeen, she didn’t permit her to go up over the sea before she got eighteen years old. She couldn’t wait until her next birthday. When her birthday came, she was very very happy. Finally, she would go up like her sister, and could see what happened up there. She swam up happily. She was very surprised. The sky was so beautiful. There was a firework party that made the sky colorful. From her position, she saw a young man at that ship. He was a prince. She fell in love with him. But, something happened. There was an earthquake at the sea. All of the people in the ship are gone. She looked for him and tried to save her love. When she saw him, she swam faster and got him. After the earthquake, she brought him to the beach, and leaved him there. She saw that there was a young woman come to her love, and brought him to someplace. And then, she went home.
She always thought about him. She wanted to be with him, but she knew it’s impossible. He is a human but she is not. Because of that, she asked a witch about this. The witch said to her that it could happen. She could be a human, but there was something she had to do if she wanted to become a human. She had to give her voice to the witch. And, she would get hurts in every steps. The witch gave her something, and she went up quickly and happily. When she got there, she drank it. When she open her eyes, she already at the beach, and become a human. She met the prince who saved her. She was very happy because her love saved her. And she wanted to thank you. But, she couldn’t speak, because she didn’t have voice anymore. The prince brought her to his palace, and gave her place to rest and eat.
She was very very happy because she could meet with her love everyday. One day, the prince came to her and told her about dancing party. She was happier and came to that party happily. She had danced with the prince, until a young women came. The prince asked her permission for going to the young woman. She felt something strange with them. She was very sad when the prince told everyone that he would married with the young women beside him. She ran away and cried.
A view days after the dancing party, the prince married the young woman. They prepared to go to the other island. She saw they off with very sad. Her sister knew about it. Her sister came and told her that she could get married again. But she had to kill the prince with the knife given by the witch. The night after she met with her sister, she went to the prince’s bedroom, and decided to kill him. But, she couldn’t do that. She ran away and cried, then, she jumped to the ocean, and died because if she went back to the sea, she would die and become light. That day, the prince knew that she gone. She already became light and she met with two angels who would always be with her. She would never feel hurts anymore, and she had her voice back, and she had to let her love with someone else. Her sister cried. Their younger sister was gone forever. If she didn’t fell in love with that prince, maybe she would be with them now.


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