Trip to Yogyakarta

Last holiday my family and I went to Yogyakarta. We went to Yogyakarta by car. We were there for three days. First day, we visited Prambanan temple in the morning. We saw the beautiful temple which had so many histories. The biggest temple in Prambanan called Rorojonggrang temple. It looks so big. Then, we checked in the hotel. The hotel was not too big but very comfortable. After preparing our selves, and taking a rest we went to Borobudur temple. We met so many other tourists there. They were not only domestic but also foreign tourists. Second day, we enjoyed the day on Merapi mountain. We looked so many beautiful sceneries such as mist with sun, really beautiful. We also went to the place where victims of volcanic eruptions, We were really excited. In the next day, we went to Krakal Beach to see the amazing sunrise and enjoyed the beautiful wave. The last day, we spent our time in Kaliurang.We could enjoy the green and shady forest. There were so many monkies. They were so tame but sometimes they could be naughty. We could make a close interaction with them. After that, we went to Malioboro again for shopping the souvenirs. That was my lovely time. I bought some Blangkon,Dagadu T-shirt and so many souvenirs. In the evening, we had to check out from the hotel. We went to Surabaya bringing so many amazing memories of amazing city.


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